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He’s bald. I think he might be an Observer


He’s bald. I think he might be an Observer

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Infinite happiness.


Infinite happiness.

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If you put a Unix shell to your ear, do you hear the C?
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The Privacy Pack


The Reset the Net privacy pack will be a selection of software and tips tailored to common computers, phones, and tablets that literally anyone can use.

Our goal is to accommodate literally everyone, and offer bonus tools and instructions for more technical users. Since the tools will be pretty much universal, it should be easy for people to share the privacy packs with friends.

It’ll provide tools and tips for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux, and everything will be free software.

Here’s what we’re offering…

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Quand je vois le resultat des europeennes

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in case of madness. call the anons!


Nice watch


Nice watch

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So viel Kaffee kann man gar nicht trinken um Differentialrechnung zu verstehen. Wenn man Differentialrechnung versteht kann man berechnen wieviel Kaffee man braucht um Differentialrechnung zu verstehen. #HenneEiProblem

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