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Circuit board business card is a minimalist credit-card-sized handheld console which includes Tetris. Videos embedded below:

A revolution in minimalist circuit board art design.

Barebones Arduino
OLED Screen
Piezo Speaker
Capacitive Input Buttons
9+ Hours Playtime
1.6 millimeters total thickness

You can find out more about the project here

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the good guys dress in black remember that

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Nice Office!

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Please more people should know what is happening in my country…

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No, Egon no

Harold Ramis RIP 

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Rocker Pod by Ultimate Truck Gear

Sweet concept but would not do in real life.

Zombie proof!

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TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

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wi-fi translation in different countries

  • english = wi-fi
  • spanish = wi-fi
  • italian = wi-fi
  • french = wi-fi
  • polish = wi-fi
  • turkish = wi-fi
  • irish = wi-fi
  • danish = wi-fi
  • finnish = wi-fi
  • swedish = wi-fi
  • norwegian = wi-fi
  • czech = wi-fi
  • albanian = wi-fi
  • portuguese = wi-fi
  • every place on earth = wi-fi
  • germany = wlan
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